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Do you want maximum exposure and visibility online on major social networks with a social media marketing program that doesn't break the bank?
Did you know that most businesses spend 4 to 6 hours a week managing social media (although they could be using that time running their business)?
Did you know that marketing programs are 63% more effective when combined with social media?
top social media marketing benefits for small business

"It's great to have oGoing as our social media marketing partner.
oGoing founder Sanjay Dalal and his team promotes TriTech Small Business Development Center on oGoing and major social media "networks, enhances our brand and online presence, and attracts new entrepreneurs and business owners to our programs."
- Mark Mitchell, Director, TriTech SBDC

oGoing promotes your business, organization or non-profit through your beautiful oGoing profile or social network profiles, posts timely sales updates, builds online visibility and generates quality website traffic. oGoing attracts and engages new customers through frequent interactions, and jumpstarts new leads and online sales using social media marketing, social sharing and social bookmarking. oGoing guarantees real results and promises outstanding ROI on our services. oGoing Team has been delivering social media and integrated digital marketing services, and making our customers happy for over seven years now!

Why choose oGoing for managing your social media?

Expose your Business to Thousands of potential customers Online
Increase your Website Traffic and Engage with more customers
Grow your Social Media Brand and Boost Your SEO Ranking

oGoing is the nation's leading business to business social network. We live and breathe social media 24/7

oGoing team has been successfully managing social media services for clients for over seven years

oGoing is a recognized leader in social media marketing solutions and consulting services

oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 1,000 business owners on social media

oGoing is a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple trusted developer and partner

Jumpstart Startup Small Business Expert
Share Posts on Social Networks Yes Yes Yes Yes
oGoing Profile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Profile No Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Profile No No Yes Yes
LinkedIn Profile No No No Yes
Instagram Profile No No No Yes
YouTube Profile No No No Yes
Promote Posts on Live Wall 1 promo a month 2 promos a month 3 promos a month 4 promos a month
Featured Business 5 day a month 10 days a month 20 days a month 30 days a month
Write New Posts 1 post a week 2 posts a week 3 posts a week 4 posts a week
Share Posts on Social Networks 1 share a month 2 shares a month 3 shares a month 4 shares a month
Spotlight Posts on Social Networks 1 spotlight a month 2 spotlights a month 3 spotlights a month 4 spotlights a month
Write Blog Articles 1 article a month 2 articles a month 3 articles a month 4 articles a month
Make Website Changes 0 update 1 update a month 2 updates a month 3 updates a month
Make New Connections 5 new connections 10 new connections 20 new connections 30 new connections
SEO Boost Google, Bing, Yahoo 1 time a month 2 times a month 3 times a month 4 times a month
Engage with Customers 1 time a week 2 times a week 3 times a week 4 times a week
Cost $99 monthly $199 monthly $299 monthly $499 monthly
Sign up Sign up Sign up Sign up

* Please note that company creates the social network profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. oGoing can help setup these profiles for an extra setup fee.

* Company will provide content to oGoing team for the posts and blog articles. Company will provide access to oGoing team to various social network profiles.

* Minimum recommended commitment of six months for all oGoing Social Media Services for best results

* Share Posts - oGoing team will share select company posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

* Engage with Customers - this is limited to oGoing Business Community. oGoing will setup messaging so that company will get notifications from customers.

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