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Ogoing Offers the Following Affordable Marketing and Advertisement Plans for our Small Business Community Members:

1. oGoing Pro Social Media Marketing

Success by oGoing
oGoing Pro provides Social Media Power Boost for your Small Business for only $39! This is our most affordable startup plan to get your business going on social media.

With the oGoing Pro plan, your oGoing business profile will get:
  • Featured Listing
  • Higher Website Traffic
  • Greater Online Exposure
  • Improved SEO ranking
  • Increased Online Visibility
  • Promoted Updates on Live page

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2. Promoted Messages On Ogoing and key social networks

oGoing will promote your specific advertisement message directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and oGoing, and give your company an instant social media power boost! Your business will get immediate exposure in front of over 50,000 potential customers twenty-five times - that's equivalent to getting in front of over 1.25 million eyeballs.

Here's what included in our affordable social media marketing plan:

Social networking integration
  1. Your business promotion will be shared on , USA's leading social network for small business five times (over 10,000 members)
  2. Your advertisement will be posted on Twitter at: five times (over 15,000 followers)
  3. Your message will be broadcast on Facebook five times (over 13,000 likes)
  4. Your promotion will be announced on LinkedIn in key small business groups and highlighted on the oGoing group five times (over 10,000 connections)
  5. Your advertisement will be introduced on Google+ on our fast expanding oGoing channel five times (over 1,000 contacts)

oGoing is pleased to provide our twenty-five message social marketing boost for only $99. That's only $3.96 per promotion, less than the cost of one lunch.

This incredible deal won't last. Please sign up today since we can only offer this for a limited time and to a limited number of new customers.

Who should sign up? Small Business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, professionals, service providers, SMB and growing businesses who need immediate exposure and social media marketing boost on a budget!

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3. Social Media Services

Want More Leads And More Engaged Customers through social media? Don't have the time to do it yourself?

The experts at Ogoing will not only create a great social media profile for your small business,

but also promote you on a regular basis on and key social networks!

oGoing provides affordable and effective social media marketing services starting at $149 per month. Learn more

Bottomline: Get Real Connections, Boost Your Online Visibility, Accelerate Website Traffic and Generate Warm Leads


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