oGoing Help & FAQs

FAQ 1. What is oGoing?

oGoing is an exclusive business social network. Using oGoing, small businesses instantly promote their products, share their latest deals and services, post their news and events, and make new connections. oGoing helps businesses find new customers and jump start sales using the latest social media platform. Get your business going on oGoing.

FAQ 2. Do I need anything special to use oGoing?

All you need to use oGoing is an Internet connection. Ready to join? Just go here to Join Now.Once you're in, type your first update in the box on your home page. That's it! You are now ready to explore the world of oGoing. Just fire away your updates, and your contacts will begin to know "What's going on" in your life, your work, your fun things...

FAQ 3. How do I send updates on oGoing?

oGoing offers many ways to post your updates: on the web in the update box (which is on your home page after you login), and from the mobile applications on various platforms developed by the oGoing team (coming soon). We will be offering oGoing Platform APIs as well so that application developers can offer oGoing updates through their platform.

FAQ 4. How do I setup my profile on oGoing?

Just go to Settings to setup your own profile on oGoing. You can add your photograph, your website, one line bio, your location, time zone, your Twitter username and password, and even create a unique background. Your profile demonstrates who you are. Keep it real.

FAQ 5. How do I find "What's going on"?

What are people saying on oGoing? Just go to Search and find out in real-time what's going on now. You can search by keyword or just check out most talked about topics to see what's hot on oGoing, right now, in real-time. From you home page, you can also see the most shared updates and most liked updates... Finally, for those who want to search with their own set criteria, we have Advanced Search also.

FAQ 6. How do I find my contacts on oGoing?

When you create an account on oGoing, you can Search for people by their name or user name, import your contacts from other networks, and even invite contacts via email. If you don't want to do that, you can start by following some of the people we've suggested. Once you've found your contacts, you can follow them to start getting their updates. And your contacts can begin following you also.

FAQ 7. What does it mean to follow someone on oGoing?

When you follow someone on oGoing, every time they post a new message, it will appear on your oGoing home page. New messages are added to your home page as the people you follow post them, so you always get their updates in real-time. When you log in, you can see what the latest updates are from everyone you follow. You can even scroll down to see updates from earlier (in case you missed them). oGoing offers more ways to follow people too: for instance, you can get updates on your phone.

FAQ 8. How do I follow someone on oGoing, and find everyone that I follow?

When you click the follow button on your contact or someone interesting, you begin to follow them immediately. If you click on the following link on your profile on your home page's sidebar, you will see everyone that you are now following in a list. If you are following many people, you will need to go to next page to see everyone that you follow.

FAQ 9. How do I know who is following me on oGoing?

As soon as someone begins to follow you, oGoing will send you an email notifying you about your new follower. Under Settings | Notices, you can setup your preferences to notify you when you have a new follower. If you click on the followers link on your profile on your home page's sidebar, you will see all your followers. You can choose a follower, and send them a direct message or mention them.

FAQ 10. What is a Group?

On oGoing, you can add some of the people following you to your Group. A Group is your special group of contacts on oGoing that you choose (from the ones following you). Your Group of contacts will only receive updates sent to them by you. Updates sent to Group are not visible on your profile page.

FAQ 11. Are there following, follower and update limits?

On oGoing, there are no limits on how many followers you can have, and how many people you follow. Same is true with all the updates. You can send as many updates as you want, or as few as you want. Although, your contacts will want to know about "What's going on?" in your life, and hence, would appreciate at least one update a day.

FAQ 12. Who reads my oGoing updates?

Updates sent to All (public updates) are available to all your followers immediately as soon as you post them. Once you write an update, just click on Update All to send everyone the update. Updates sent to Group are only available to your followers in your Group! Just click on Update Group to send your updates to your Group. Anyone who goes to your profile page can see all the public updates sent using Update All. Your public updates are also available to anyone who searches for your name or by using some of the topics you talk about. Your oGoing profile is public by default; if you do not like strangers reading your updates, you can protect your profile to approve followers and keep your updates out of search. Note: Your previous updates could still be visible to everyone.

FAQ 13. Can I block people from following me?

If you don't want someone to follow you, you can block them immediately. Just click on the button next to their name, and then click on Block. Once you block someone, they won't be able to follow you nor send you any messages. Remember, if your account is public though, they'll still be able to view your public updates, but they will be removed from your followers list, and you wont be on their following list either. Are you trying to block someone who is spamming? Do let us know about spammers by Contacting Us.

FAQ 14. What are my Favorites on oGoing?

If you like an update, you can mark it as your favorite. Just go to that update, and click on the star on top right of the update. That's it! Now, that update gets added to your Favorites. People can view all your Favorites, and you can also view theirs, by clicking on the Favorites link in the profile page.

FAQ 15. What's the difference between Like and Share Updates?

On oGoing, you can not only create your own Favorites updates by clicking on the star on that update, you can further click on the like button to tell everyone about updates you Like. When you click on the like button, your Liked update gets added to the Most Liked updates queue. You can see the most Liked Updates on your profile page. Further, oGoing allows you to Share updates with all your followers. Just go to the update, and click on Share. Once you Share an update, it goes to all your followers. Shared updates get added to the Most Shared updates queue also. You can see the most Shared Updates on your profile page.

FAQ 16. Where else can I put my oGoing updates?

You can put your oGoing updates anywhere on your own website, your blog, your other social media websites... oGoing provides an RSS feed for both your updates and your Favorites. Just paste your RSS feed URL wherever you would like your updates to appear.

FAQ 17. How do I reply to someone on oGoing?

You can reply publicly to any update on oGoing by using the @username format. Just type in an update such as: @username (my update) and this update will be shown on your profile page, and also sent to the username's profile page. Thus, an @reply is a public message sent from one person to another. How is the reply update different? If a message begins with @username, it is shown as a reply. You can also go to someone's update on your home page, and click on the Reply button to send a reply to that person. You don't need to follow someone to send a reply, and all of your replies are visible in the @username tab in your home page sidebar. Updates starting with @username are replies, and Updates with @username elsewhere are considered mentions. Please note that if your account is private, users who are not following you will not see your @replies or mentions.

FAQ 18. Can I send a Direct Message to someone?

Yes. You can send a direct message to your follower. It's a private message between you and your follower. When you receive a direct message, oGoing saves it in your direct message inbox, which is accessible from the Direct Message tab in the sidebar in your home page. You can even set your email preferences to notify you by an email when you have a new message. Direct messages are not shown on your home page.

FAQ 19. Can I edit an oGoing update once I send it?

No. You can only delete an update by clicking the trash icon on the top right end of the update, but you cannot change it. oGoing updates cannot be edited.

FAQ 20. Can I add a URL to my oGoing update? Are there any space restrictions?

Yes! On oGoing, you have the flexibility to add your URL within your update by typing it in, or attaching your URL by adding it in the URL box. We recommend that you attach the URL instead. You can select whether you want to attach your URL at the end of your update or in the beginning. There are no space restrictions as to how long an URL you can attach on oGoing. Further, an attached URL will not interfere with the available text space for your update. So go ahead, attach your URL with your next update without any hesitation, and type your entire oGoing update as well.

FAQ 21. Can I setup oGoing for my business?

Yes. You can create your own branded oGoing for business. Just go to Request Business Portal and send us your request to get started. We will set you up with your own oGoing domain such as: mybusiness.Ogoing.com and you can manage everything from there. We are offering 60 day free trial for businesses. No strings attached.

FAQ 22. Can I setup multiple accounts on oGoing? And send updates to everyone on all accounts?

Yes and Yes. You can not only setup multiple accounts on oGoing using the same email id, but also choose to send updates to followers on all your accounts, or specific accounts! First, setup oGoing for each account using different user names. Then login to oGoing using one of the user names. Go to Settings | Linked Users to now link your separate accounts. That's it. Now, when you go to home page, you can see all your accounts under the Update box. You can select which account you would like to send out the update, besides the current account that you are logged in. Once you link an account, it is always shown on the home page. You can choose to remove your linked account anytime.

FAQ 23. Does oGoing store the user name and password for my contacts list?

Of course not-- oGoing doesn't store passwords anywhere in the system.

FAQ 24. What about my contact list? Do you share it with others?

We do not share your contacts with anyone.

FAQ 25. I forgot to add my contacts when I joined. Now what can I do?

You can add your contacts any time. Just go to Find People/find on other networks and add your contacts.

FAQ 26. Can I Auto follow someone who follows me?

Yes. On oGoing you can automatically begin to follow someone who is following you. Under Settings | Notices just setup the Auto Follow option to automatically become a follower of someone who is following you.

FAQ 27. Can I stop following someone?

Yes. Anytime. Just visit the profile page of the person you want to stop following, or go to your following page from your home page, and click on the button to stop following. oGoing will not send you a notice that you have stopped following them.

FAQ 28. I want to send an automatic direct message to my new follower. Can I do this?

Yes. On oGoing, you can send a personal direct message to someone new who follows you automatically. Just go to Settings | Notices to setup your own personal message that you want to deliver to your followers, the moment they begin to follow you. You can change this message anytime. Your current message will be sent to new followers.

FAQ 29. I don't want everyone to see my updates. Can I do this?

Yes, you can restrict who can see your updates, and not show them on your home page. To do this, you need to protect your profile on oGoing. Once you protect your profile (by going to Settings), whoever wants to follow you has to submit a request for your approval. Only your approved followers can see your oGoing updates. Further, your updates will not appear on the public timeline and search engines.

FAQ 30. I want to have public updates, but don't want someone to receive them...

If you don't want someone to receive your updates, click on their name, and block them from receiving your updates. They can still go to your home page to see your updates, but they will not receive updates from you.

FAQ 31. Is there an oGoing API?

oGoing APIs will be released shortly.

FAQ 32. Where are oGoing's Terms of Service?

oGoing ’s Terms of Service are posted on the oGoing web site.

FAQ 33. How do I submit a complaint about trademark, copyright, impersonation, or other Terms of Service issues?

Please visit our Terms of Service Section to find more details on these issues. If your issue is not resolved, please Contact Us.

FAQ 34. How do I know the latest on oGoing?

You can Visit our blog, and find more details on the latest on oGoing, including known problems.