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oGoing Member of the day Yousef Shafiee, RBN

Yousef has been running Orange County's Relationship Business Network aka RBN for over 19 years now! RBN hosts a weekly luncheon networking meeting in various Orange County cities, where over 70 local businesses and professionals mix and mingle. RBN hosts OC's Major Expo twice each year.

Here's a great business networking tip from Yousef:

"You can easily master the art of business networking and maximize your returns on relationships made at any business gathering. First and foremost, be sincere. People recognize and reject patronizing or self-serving actions. You need to develop a sincere interest in other people before representing your company in any networking environment."

Connect with Yousef and RBN on oGoing here @RBNInfo

Jan 12 2016 4:20PM   updated by : sanjaydalal   shared by : sba
Name Sanjay B Dalal oGoing founder
Bio CEO of oGoing Business Community. Promoting USA and Global small businesses and local entrepreneurs. Loves family, mentoring, networking, tech and CA community
Web Go to website
Category Business Development
Phone 949-910-0615
Contact Sanjay Dalal
Address 7545 Irvine Center Dr Suite 200
Zip code 92618
City Irvine, California, United States
Done Business With CertARoof, Zoom, pVerify, TiE SoCal, LargestMixer, PromoKng, Irving Katz, PNR Financial, TriTech, ISMSFV

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