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Ogoing redefines the way business users, small businesses, virtual communities and enterprises connect, communicate and collaborate - better, faster and smarter. ogoing connects You with your network through the exchange of frequent updates, conversations & messages to one burning question: "What's going on? "

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Ogoing Social Media Communications Platform

Ogoing is the Social Media Communications Platform for businesses and Internet virtual communities. "As Twitter is to consumer, Ogoing is to business". Ogoing social media networking platform enables companies to launch their own secured, private, branded social network, completely hosted, managed and supported by ogoing. A business can immediately launch ogoing social network for its employees, members, communities, customers, partners, suppliers, professionals and many more.

Ogoing Real-time Social Communications & Network

Ogoing Real-time Social Communications will fundamentally change the way organizations connect, communicate and collaborate within, and also with their ecosystem of communities, prospects, customers, partners & suppliers. Increased productivity through new ways of collaboration; Better communications through frequent updates among users; Greater knowledge sharing using trends, links, conversations, questions & answers; Inspired and connected employees with profiles, followers, followings, mentions, likes and shares; and Connected & responsive ecosystem of prospects, customers, partners and suppliers. At your ogoing Enterprise social network, only your business, your employees, your teams, your community members share updates & messages with each other, and communicate with customers, partners, suppliers & prospects - privately!

Social Media Communications Paradigm Shift

Ogoing believes there is a real paradigm shift in the way companies connect, communicate & collaborate - both internally and externally. On the one hand, E-mail is usually the major communications & collaboration medium - besides telephone, cell phones and virtual meetings. However, most business users are inundated with floods of emails each day making it unmanageable. On the other hand, communication, connection & collaboration using social networking & business networking tools is increasingly becoming popular among all professionals - e.g. growth of LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, Facebook, etc. ogoing provides a new modality of communications that is social, faster, focused, collaborative & smart - built with the needs of business users in mind. ogoing brings business & social networking within the enterprise or with online communities. Businesses and Business users leveraging ogoing Enterprise social media network will collaborate & communicate better, and bring another dimension to the interactions which will be personable, concise, shared, intelligent & inspired.

Ogoing Connects, Collaborates & Communicates

Ogoing provides new ways for businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate... frequently! By providing timely updates to your co-workers, members, teams, departments, and company wide employees, you stay in touch with them, and inform them about what's going on... Each person gets to build their own profile on ogoing; this inspires employees since they now have a real presence within the company attracting more followers.

When you use ogoing to connect & communicate externally with prospects, customers, partners, community members, and more, the benefits grow bigger! For instance, your customer facing teams can stay in frequent touch with customers, and inform them about what's going on... your business development teams can work closely with their partners and do things faster... your sales teams and managers can interact better with their prospects, and your prospects will love the attention, responsiveness and immediacy they receive by using ogoing. In short, Ogoing empowers your external teams to collaborate better with their prospects, customers and partners.

Who uses ogoing Real-time Social Communications?

Imagine your sales leaders sharing updates with their team members about the latest deals, do's and don'ts, tips and best practices; your marketing team sharing the latest news about your product launch, new client testimonials, success stories & case studies; your CEO sharing the company vision & quarterly highlights, company mission, and recognizing key employees; your customer service team hand-holding their customers and providing outstanding customer support; your business development team working hand-in-hand with your partners and striking more deals; and much more.

What if an employee wants to follow someone interesting, say the CEO of the company; it's done! Or if a member of your online community wants to follow the top notch person; it's done!

On ogoing, the CEO can decide whether to send updates to all the followers, or only his executive team. Bottomline: ogoing's Great for online communities, sales teams, marketing departments, product teams, service teams, executives and more - everyone who needs to provide and share frequent updates & messages! ogoing will help these teams & communities connect, communicate and collaborate better with features such as sharing of updates, profiles, microblogging, conversations, direct messages, likes and shares, trends, Group, multiple accounts, RSS feeds, and much more...

Get Started with ogoing today... Just go here to join Ogoing: http://www.ogoing.com/  

Ogoing Key Features

"Way Cooler & Better than Twitter!" - Ogoing customer & Twitter user

Go to: http://www.ogoing.com/  to sign up and get started today with ogoing, and join your colleagues, co-workers, members and friends, and begin sharing your updates now!

If you already have a Twitter account, that's Great! On ogoing, you can share your Twitter updates with your ogoing friends, or share oGoing udpates with your Twitter friends. Just go to Settings after you login, and include your Twitter username and password.

On ogoing, when a user creates an account, they can set up a unique profile with username, real name, photo, brief bio, website, background design and theme. ogoing inspires users with their own ogoing page and presence. An Ogoing user can personalize their unique page, and create their own online presence.

But wait, there's a whole lot more... On ogoing, you can setup multiple accounts with various usernames using one email and link them all together! (e.g. Sales West, Sales East, Sales North, Sales South and invite Sales team members to follow specific profiles). This way, you can send updates to all your followers on all your accounts or choose which specific accounts to send updates to... (e.g. send updates to all the Sales teams or only the Sale team you choose)Cool!!

On Twitter, it's very hard to share that really long URL. It takes away all the available space from your updates. No more!! On ogoing, you can attach any URL separately (long or short), and it will appear on your update... and you still have all the space you need to write your update!! Further, ogoing automatically converts long URLs to shortened URLs. Very cool!!

Share, Like, Favorite updates - ogoing allows you to share the updates you love the most with your friends (or your own), and even share updates you like the most with your friends (just click on Like_. You can easily track the most shared updates, most liked updates, and most talked about updates. You can also Favorite updates that you love, and browse them. Is that cool or what?

ogoing provides dedicated conversations. On ogoing, when someone replies to an update (by clicking on Reply), the original update and the reply becomes part of a conversation. You can easily browse all your conversations, and immediately reply to anyone on the conversation thread. ogoing makes it extremely easy to converse, comment back and forth, and answer key questions. Quite cool!!

On ogoing, you can send direct private messages to your followers, and communicate outside the public eyes. ogoing direct messages are brief, and encourages concise communication and collaboration. On ogoing, you can immediately follow your followers automatically (just go to Settings to set this up), and also send an automatic personalized message to your followers as they begin to follow you... how cool is that!!

But what if I want to send my updates to my team members or special friend only, and don't want the rest of my followers to see them... no problem! On ogoing, you can include your special friends in your own Group (just click on Group to set up your followers)... so the next time you want to share something interesting, only let your Group know about this! Ultra cool!!

If you are a business, you want to setup your own ogoing Enterprise social network now. When you setup your business profile on Twitter or other social networks: You cannot control your followers, you cannot control your branding, you cannot keep some of your updates private, you cannot create programs away from your competitor's eyes, you cannot give access to all your employees, you cannot create one-to-one updates for your key customers or partners, and you cannot avoid spammers.

Ogoing integrates with Twitter and Facebook (look for Ogoing under Applications). ogoing APIs provide robust integration to enterprise and internet applications. ogoing is launching mobile applications on iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Android. Finally, ogoing updates will be available through SMS (coming soon!)

Get Started with ogoing today... Just go here to join ogoing: http://www.ogoing.com/  

Ogoing Team

Ogoing is founded by Sanjay Dalal , serial entrepreneur & innovator, silicon valley veteran, currently living with his family in Irvine in Southern California. ogoing Engineers have been working hard to bring ogoing to you (and constantly working even while you read this). ogoing Engineering team, based in Vadodara, India, is led by Rigel Networks, an established IT software development & solutions company

Ogoing is expanding... Interested in joining ogoing, go to Contact Us and let us know... Contact Us