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"Thank you for creating such a wonderful network. Every small business owner should be on oGoing" - Stephanie Ardrey, iVentLABS, Newport Beach

"Since joining oGoing, I have had the pleasure of making plenty of acquaintances, partnerships and ten happy clients." - Andrew Neal, Advertaken

Small businesses are vital to America's economic future; 28 million small business owners, service providers, entrepreneurs, startups and SMB create two-thirds of all new jobs and spend over $5 trillion annually in USA. There are over 125 million small businesses worldwide. Most small businesses have no web presence, much less social media visibility. oGoing's mission is to help promote local businesses throughout the world.oGoing provides entrepreneurs, owners and professionals a powerful social media network that promotes the business, boosts online visibility, increases website traffic, improves SEO ranking, generates warm leads and attracts new customers.

Why Join oGoing?

oGoing is an amazing platform and network to:

1. Get Found Online and Boost SEO
2. Online Business Networking
3. Social Media Marketing
4. B2B Lead Generation

oGoing SMB Social Network B2B Connector On oGoing, business professionals instantly promote their products, share their latest deals and services, post their news and events, and make new connections with thousands of local customers. When companies express their business needs, oGoing shares these with the entire business community. oGoing helps service providers find new customers and jump start sales using the latest social media platform.

Small Business Connector

oGoing is the business social network to explode your social media brand, boost your SEO ranking and engage with your customers. Many oGoing member profiles get first page ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL because oGoing indexes their profiles, and frequently submits their updates to search engines. If you are a business that wants to grow website traffic and get high quality leads using SEO, business networking and social media marketing, oGoing is the solution.

oGoing generates Real Leads for BusinessIt takes less than five minutes to get started on oGoing, and once you are connected, you will come back to do more! Join oGoing and Boost your Business!

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Still Thinking?

"Have you ever tried a side by side comparison between oGoing and other social networks? I suggest you do it, and you'll see a huge difference in features and capability. On these criteria you'll really appreciate what oGoing is offering business owners, entrepreneurs and service providers in a clearly superior way. And this is not a subjective "plug" for oGoing but an objective, direct comparison of features. It is simply giving credit and recognition to where it is due - and I believe oGoing deserves it!" - Alejandre Abaygar, Internet Video Communications

7 reasons to join oGoing Local Small Business Network:

Get 25 Free Leads. Very easy to use, and Free to join!
1. Market your business! Promote your products and services with best social media
2. Expand your network! Connect with thousands of local service providers instantly
3. Talk more! Share real-time updates about your business deals, news and events
4. Power your brand! Promote your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube
5. Get new leads! Find new warm referrals when you post your business needs now
6. Boost your visibility! Improve your SEO rank, Increase website exposure and traffic
7. Grow your business! Attract new customers, Engage current clients and Boost sales!

Who should join?

Service providers, professionals, startups, emerging business, small businesses, entrepreneurs, owners, veteran owners and SMB

Drive your business forward with oGoing! Go BIG with oGoing!

Did you say oGoing?

Why did we name our company oGoing? oGoing connects the letter “O” with the adjective “Going”. "O” is from “Om”, the universal sound, “O” the life element embodies spirit, unity and infinity, "O" is the universal vowel O, and “O” is for Opportunities. “Going” means Growing, Flourishing and Thriving in business. "Going" equates to businesses and professionals Going up and Moving forward! oGoing is also a spin on “What’s going on?” There you have it! Best of all, oGoing is unique and fresh! oGoing Inc. is an Irvine Chamber of Commerce member and a registered California Small Business. oGoing is headquartered in sunny Irvine, California, the business capital of Orange County.

oGoing Advisory Board

oGoing has assembled key advisers from various industries to help grow the business.
TriTech SBDC
Arnice Lamb - Disney
Bharat Dalal - Strategic Management
Mark Hartsell - CEO Advisor
Todd Herschberg - Internet & Search Marketing Guru
Tarang Shah - Venture Professional, Author, Visionary

oGoing CEO / founder

Sanjay Dalal started oGoing out of his home in June 2009, at the height of the great recession. Dalal is on a mission to connect over ten million small business professionals, service providers, business owners and entrepreneurs, and provide them best social and business networking experience on oGoing. Dalal has launched innovative SAAS collaboration products at WebEx that are used by more then 50 million professionals worldwide. Dalal is a serial entrepreneur and innovator, silicon valley veteran, business coach and community volunteer. oGoing is Dalal's 7th Startup since he moved to California in 1997. Connect with Sanjay Dalal on oGoing here
Why Sanjay Dalal built oGoing? Candid Interview with founder

oGoing Partners

oGoing is a proud partner of Apple iOS developer, Google Engage, Cisco channel, Facebook developer, Twitter developer, Amazon Associates, LinkedIn developer, Microsoft BizSpark, and Salesforce.com channel programs.
oGoing deeply integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (Google+ integration is on our roadmap). As a matter of fact, many oGoing businesses use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and oGoing together. Whereas Twitter and Facebook largely cater to brands, consumers and celebrities, oGoing is created for the small business from the ground up! LinkedIn caters primarily to professionals aspiring corporate careers. An oGoing member professional easily shares and receives updates from both Twitter and Facebook on oGoing, and posts updates to LinkedIn, all with photos. If you want to boost your business presence virally, oGoing is the perfect solution!

oGoing Community Involvement

oGoing founder Sanjay Dalal and his family deeply care about abused and neglected children. They have contributed their time and donations to Olive Crest, Children's Hospital of Orange County, UNICEF, Pratham, Childcare International, KidSave and Rotary International. Dalal has also contributed periodically to USO, Free Wheelchair Mission, BAPs Charities, Salvation Army, Jain Center, Snowball Express, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Salvation Army, Local Police and Fire Fighters, Veterans Organization, and American Red Cross. oGoing pledges to donate 5% of pre-tax profits each year to charities helping abused and neglected children.

"oGoing is the best business social networking platform for small business!"

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Ogoing Social Media Communications Platform

oGoing has built an innovative social media marketing and communications platform for businesses, service providers, professionals, business owners, members of chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs belonging to business communities. oGoing social media marketing and social networking platform enables a member business to create a social network profile, promote its business brand, and make new connections. oGoing business social network is great for growing companies, SMB, manufacturers, partners, suppliers, business services professionals and business community. Get started: http://ogoing.com

Exclusive Social Networking for Small Business

oGoing Business Social Network fundamentally changes the way businesses connect, promote and share using social media and social networking with their ecosystem of prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, members and communities. Businesses stay in constant touch with their customers, gather valuable feedback, and build deep relationships. oGoing Business Social Network increases website traffic through social media marketing and branding; generates warm leads through improved search engine ranking, better SEO and new connections; grows productivity through new ways of collaboration and saves time; provides engaging communications through frequent updates with prospects and customers, and grows sales; improves knowledge sharing with customers using trends, links, conversations, questions & answers, and saves time; inspires member businesses with profiles, followers, followings, mentions, likes and shares; and connects your ecosystem of prospects, customers, partners and suppliers, and saves money. oGoing business social network connects your business with the business community wherein professionals and members share frequent updates & messages with each other, and communicate in real-time. Get Started with the exclusive OGOING Business Social Network today: http://ogoing.com

Innovative Social Media for your Small Business

oGoing believes there is a real paradigm shift in the way companies connect, promote, communicate and network externally. Most business users are inundated with floods of emails each day making it unmanageable and time consuming. Social media marketing, social networking & business networking tools are increasingly becoming popular among all professionals - e.g. growth of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. oGoing provides a new modality of social media communications that is social, faster, focused, collaborative and smart - built with the needs of business professionals in mind. oGoing combines business & social networking with the latest social media tools. Businesses and Business users leveraging oGoing business social media network will collaborate & communicate better, and bring another dimension to their interactions which will be personable, concise, engaging, intelligent and inspired. Get Started with exclusive oGoing business social network for your business today: http://www.ogoing.com

oGoing Inspires, Connects and Engages your Small Business

oGoing provides new ways for businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate... frequently! By providing timely updates to the business community, your company engages with customers, partners and prospects, and informs them about what's going on... Each member gets to build their own profile on oGoing; this inspires professionals since they now have a real presence on oGoing attracting many new followers.

When professionals and service providers use oGoing to connect, share and engage externally with prospects, customers, partners, members, and community, the benefits grow bigger! For instance, your customer facing teams can stay in frequent touch with customers, and inform them about what's going on... your business development teams can work closely with their partners and do things faster... your sales teams and managers can interact better with their prospects, and your clients will love the attention, responsiveness and immediacy they receive by using oGoing. In short, oGoing empowers external teams to communicate and engage better with prospects, customers and partners. Get Started with exclusive oGoing business social network for your business today: http://www.ogoing.com

Who uses oGoing at your business?

oGoing is a great social media platform to attract new customers. When businesses join oGoing, they can immediately share the latest deals, offers, and specials. Further, marketing managers can share products and services, news and events as they are going on in real-time. Business owners and service providers can also express their needs on oGoing, and talk about what they are buying or where they need help! That's not all. Imagine leaders sharing updates with the members about what's going on, do's and don'ts, tips and best practices; marketing team sharing the latest news about product launch, new client testimonials, success stories & case studies; CEO sharing the company vision & quarterly highlights, company mission, and recognizing key customers; customer service team talking to their customers, getting feedback and providing outstanding customer support; business development team working hand-in-hand with partners and striking more deals. In short, oGoing will help your business attract new customers, engage with these customers, and accelerate sales! Get Started with exclusive oGoing business social network for your business today: http://www.ogoing.com

What if a business wants to connect with an interesting business, perhaps your partner or supplier; it's done! Or if a member of the oGoing community wants to connect with the local fitness facility; it's done!

On oGoing, the business can decide whether to send updates to all the followers, or only select few businesses who are part of a group. Bottomline: oGoing's Great for online communities, sales teams, marketing departments, product teams, service teams, executives and more - everyone who needs to provide and share frequent updates & messages with your prospects and customers! oGoing will help them connect, communicate and collaborate better with features such as sharing of updates, powerful business profiles, microblogging, conversations, direct messages, likes and shares, trends, groups, multiple accounts, RSS feeds, categories, and much more...

Get Started with exclusive oGoing social network for your small business today... Just go here to join oGoing: http://www.ogoing.com/  

oGoing Key Features

"oGoing is very easy to use, and better than public social networks for doing business!" - Ogoing customer

Go to: http://www.ogoing.com/  to sign up and get started today with oGoing, and join oGoing member businesses, professionals and service providers, and begin sharing your updates now!

If you already have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo or MSN account, that's great! You can sign up on oGoing with these accounts. Further, a business can directly share LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook updates with the oGoing community, or share oGoing updates with LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, Facebook fans. Just go to Settings after you login, and connect your social network accounts.

On oGoing, when a business creates an account, they can set up a unique profile with username, real name, photo, brief bio, website, background design and theme. oGoing inspires users with their own oGoing page and presence. An oGoing user can personalize their unique page, and create their own online presence.

But wait, there's more... On oGoing, a business can setup multiple accounts with various usernames using single email and link them! (e.g.  West coast, East coast, Central, South, International and invite appropriate members to connect with specific profiles). This way, a business can send updates to all the followers on all the connected accounts, or choose specific accounts to send updates to.

On Twitter, it's very hard to share that really long website link. It can take away all the available space from your updates. On oGoing, you can attach any website link separately (long or short), and it will appear on your update... and you still have all the space you need to write your update! Further, oGoing automatically converts long links to shortened links.

Like, Share, Comment and Reply to updates - oGoing allows you to Like the updates you enjoy the most with your network (or your own), and Share updates you love the most with your followers (just click on Share). You can easily track the most shared updates, most liked updates, and most talked about updates. Further, Ogoing allows you to add a comment to any update, and even reply directly to an update. oGoing social features are simple yet provide real sophistication. 

oGoing provides dedicated conversations. On oGoing, when someone replies to an update (by clicking on Reply), the original update and the reply becomes part of a conversation. You can easily browse all your conversations, and immediately reply to anyone on the conversation thread. oGoing makes it extremely easy to converse, comment back and forth, and answer key questions. 

On oGoing, you can send short private messages to your followers, and communicate outside the public eyes. oGoing direct messages are brief, and encourages concise communication and collaboration. On oGoing, you can immediately follow your followers automatically (just go to Settings to set this up), and also send an automatic personalized message to your followers as they begin to follow you...

But what if I want to send my updates to my team members or department only, and don't want the rest of my followers to see them... no problem! On oGoing, you can include your team in your own Group (just click on Group to set up your followers)... so the next time you want to share something interesting, only let your Group know about this!

If you are a business, you can setup your own oGoing business social network profile now. When you setup your business profile on Twitter or other social networks: You cannot control your followers, you cannot control your branding, you cannot keep some of your updates private, you cannot create programs away from your competitor's eyes, you cannot give access to all your employees, you cannot create one-to-one updates for your key customers or partners, and you cannot avoid spammers.

oGoing integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (look for oGoing under Applications). oGoing APIs provide robust integration to enterprise and internet applications. oGoing has launched the defining business social networking app on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Get Started with oGoing today... Just go here to join oGoing: http://www.ogoing.com/  

oGoing Team

oGoing is founded by Sanjay Dalal , serial entrepreneur & innovator, silicon valley veteran, business coach and community leader. oGoing Engineers have been working hard to bring oGoing to you (and constantly working even while you read this). Connect with Sanjay Dalal

oGoing is expanding... Interested in joining oGoing, go to Contact Us and let us know... Contact Us